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 Awinningway Associates:

Kimberly Weber      Carol E. Love               Jody Fisher
Senior Consultant      PR & Communication      Lawyer

Blanche Scharf         Kenneth Victor Johnston
Marketing                         Financial Analyst


 Mission:  Awinningway & Associates is an upbeat group that acts locally and thinks globally in the area of preventative health and business solutions through online services and products and on-site services headquartered in Central Florida.  Our goal is to provide cutting - edge approaches and wellness and/or business solutions for our individual and corporate clients.

Here's a short list of Awinningway & Associates Services:


 Preventative Health:

Online & In-Person Personal Training

Post Rehab, Aquatic Therapy, and Swim Lessons

Multisport Coaching & Sport Specific Training

Corporate Fitness and Wellness

Preventative Health Programs and Products

Fatloss Programs and Nutritional Consultations

Sports Massage, Stretching, Massage Therapy

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Business Solutions:

Internet Optimization, Webpage Design, Web-based Video Production

Web-Based Advertising & Marketing

Business and Individual Solutions Consultations

Producing & Directing for Corporate and Individual Films

Public Speaking, World Record Strength Feat Shows, & Entertainment

And More...

Ask Alicia and get an answer at Awinningway@gmail.com